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Throughout the play, “The Barber of Seville,” by Pierre Beaumarchais there is the recurring theme of fate and destiny. Fate is the developments of events beyond a person’s control. These events are predetermined and are controlled by some supernatural being. We can see that the play is surrounded by this notion of fate and that most of the events take place as a result of chance or coincidence.

From the very beginning of the play we can see the effect of fate in the story. When the Count saw her in Spain that first time it was fated that he would fall in love with her. However, the antagonist of the play, Dr. Bartholo, had a different idea. In an attempt to alter fate he decided to lock Rosine in his house and planned on taking her to be his wife. Bartholo constantly watches over Rosine and won’t stop until he gets his way. However, the Gods had an alternative plan and did everything in their power to ensure that the marriage did not happen. They made sure that the Count would get his way and set up the coincidental meeting between himself and Figaro, his old servant who “happened” to be the barber of Dr. Bartolo. The Count was in the right place at the right time and he finally got his chance to acquire the love of Rosine. Together they devised a few plans to get Count Almaviva into Dr. Bartholo’s house and to set up a meeting with Rosine. At the end of the play we can see the effect of fate to an even greater extent. The Count finally has some time alone with Rosine and as soon as he reveals to Rosine who he really was the notary “happens” to walk in and marries them off.

From the play we can see the effect to which fate can have on the lives of people. Fate is inevitable and no matter how hard you try to escape it, you will not succeed. Bartholo tried to alter fate, however the power of the gods was too great for him and in the end he sped up the process.

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