Windfury Aeromancer Raid Build Guide - Lost Ark (2023)


Windfury Aeromancers are your hasty Swiftness stackers that overwhelms your enemies with a flurry of sweeps and slashes.

They provide a 10% permanent uptime of Crit Rate increase to the party with Weakness Exposure and Windfury allows Sun Shower to buff allies and yourself in it with a 12% Attack speed and Movement speed.

This build is a consistent DPS build that rotates between buffing your damage skills with skills that has Current Occurrence then using skills that have Reversal to do significantly more damage, hence stacking Swiftness will allow you to rotate through your DPS cycle fast.

With this build being a Swiftness build, it is very easy to maneuver around and most of your skills don't have positionals.

Nimble movement and Precise cutting technique imbued with power of the wind as if a storm is approaching with Windfury Aeromancer , do you feel motivated yet?


Hit Master


MobilityVery High



Check out the Drizzle Aeromancer for an alternative Aeromancer playstyle.

Check out the Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons guides for an introduction to their content.

(Video) Lost ArkㅣBUILD YOUR Wind Fury Aeromancer ! 《Detailed Build, Preference》

This build guide assumesyou have a Character at Level 50 before transitioning to it. Check out the Aeromancer Levelingand 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 50.

Raid Skill Build

  • Storm's Approach is the awakening choice here since this build does not scale off Specialization. The animation is quick, allowing you to get back into your rotation.
  • Lets start with your team synergy skills, which are Tornado that has Weakness Exposure that essentially provides 10% permanent uptime Crit Rate increase for you and your party members on the debuffed target. Occasionally, when your Raindrop gauge is full , you can activate Sun Shower which provides allies inside the area 12% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
  • Windfury Aeromancers plays around the Current Occurrence and Reversal rotation with Spread and Downward Strike as your Current Occurrence proc skills and Spread is a Counter skill as well.
  • Your damage skills which has Reversal from highest damage are Wind Gimlet, Piercing Wind, Rage and Tornado Dance.
  • As for your filler skill it is between:
    • Whirlpool provides moderate Stagger Check and Level 1 Destruction Check along with lots of hit count to help proc the Conviction and Judgment combo.
    • Wiping Wind for a slightly higher damage skill with much higher Stagger Check, also has high hit count for Conviction and Judgment combo. Mana could become an issue with this skill.

Gameplay & Skill Rotation

Windfury Aeromancers damage comes from using skills as frequently as possible, hence with Swiftness stacking and using Current Occurrence to buff up skills that has Reversal to increase their damage significantly.

Skill Rotation

Always keep Weakness Exposure up with Tornado and occasionally activate Sun Shower to deal some damage while buffing allies in it with 12% Attack speed and Movement speed.

You are essentially rotating between skills that proc Current Occurrence, which are Downward Strike and Spread to buff up skills that has Reversal that are Piercing Wind, Wind Gimlet, Rage and Tornado Dance.

Tornado > Downward Strike > Whirlpool > Piercing Wind > Downward Strike > Wind Gimlet > Spread > Rage > Downward Strike > Tornado Dance

For Stagger Check, you prioritize Tornado Dance and Wind Gimlet first after following the same beginning sequence as above.

Stats Priority

Windfury Aeromancers uses Swiftness and Crit stats as non of their skills scales with Specialization. Swiftness helps with scaling Windfury and Raid Captain.

Recommended Setup : Full Swiftness from all your accessories while having Crit only on Necklace. This will easily cap your Attack speed and Movement speed after accounting support in the party with their Yearning Set without needing to manage awkward burst timing with your Sun Shower but it'll still serve as bonus Attack speed and Movement speed buffs synergy for your party members.

50/50 stats split :
Get a Necklace with Swiftness and Crit, then run Crit on both of your rings and Swiftness on both of your earrings. Set your pet bonus stats on Swiftness and you will have 1300-1400 Swiftness with 900-1000 Crit , depending on the quality of your bracelet and accessories rolls.
The other option is to balance out the stats with 1 piece of Swiftness and Crit rings and earrings each which will result in a 1100-1200 Swiftness and 1000-1100 Crit range.


Bracelets provide beneficial effects to yourself or to your party members depending on the rolls.

Note: Bracelets should not be your top priority to optimize since it'll be much more efficient to optimize your other gear first. Bracelets are costly! So slowly build towards a Main Stat and a Sub Stat. Anything else is extra!

Check out theBracelet Guidefor more details.
Possible Special Effects to Roll:


Combat Stats(Swiftness + Crit)


Basic Effect(Intelligence)
Sawtooth Blade
Weapon Power
Expose Weakness


Class Engravings provide powerful benefits that can significantly change playstyle. Battle Engravings are generally used to increase damage. Below are the recommended Engravings for this build.

Check out the Engraving Guide for more details.

(Video) [Lost Ark] Wind Fury Aeromancer Guide

Starter Engravings

  • Windfury is the main engraving that makes things happen. The engraving converts your attack speed and movement speed to Crit Chance and Crit Damage, which at max speed you get 12% Crit Chance and 36% Crit Damage. You also get 12% Raindrop gauge every time you cast an Umbrella Skill and another after 3 seconds. However your Sun Shower radius will get reduced in exchange. The 10% damage reduction effect that applies on enemies is now converted to a 12% attack speed and movement speed buff to allies and yourself.
  • Hit Master is a solid choice engraving for Aeromancer as all of her skills does not require to be cast at specific position while facing the boss for extra damage.

Add-On Endgame Engravings

  • Raid Captain is an easy choice for this build since you are at max speed all the time which benefits from the 18% damage increase from this engraving.
  • Adrenaline is great for supplementing your low Crit Rate and it is especially easy to maintain stacks with this spammy build.
  • Grudge* increases damage done while also increasing damage received. The engraving is a highly effective damage increase without needing specific positioning, making it worthwhile even with the penalty.
  • Cursed Doll* is an easy Attack Power increase at the cost of 25% healing penalty. The healing penalty can be punishing for inexperienced players not familiar with boss mechanics.
  • Precise Dagger* is a budget option but it can also fit in a very niche build in a 5x3+2 engravings setup with Precise Dagger being Level 3 and Adrenaline Level 2 while using 4 Dominion Pieces + 2 Nightmare Pieces with full Swiftness setup.

(*)These Engravings should only be used at Engraving Level 3.

Optimal Setups

Engravings are listed in order of priority from left to right.




Raid Captain

Hit Master

Cursed Doll




(*) You can replace Cursed Doll with Level 3 Adrenaline and get Level 1 Ether Predator or Level 1 Awakening for Dominion Set setups.

Pre-Ancient Accessories setup




(Video) LOST ARK - What does the (Windfury) Aeromancer specialist class do?

Raid Captain

Hit Master

Gear Sets

These are the specific gear sets for each tier.
Check out the Gear Set Guide for more details.

Tier 1 & 2

500-1250 gearscore
Will be updated soon

Early Tier 3

1250-1414 gearscore
Will be updated soon

Tier 3 Legion Raid Set

1415-1490-1580+ gearscore
Hallucination Set

Dominion Set
(If you want an even more spammier gameplay but does have some downtime managing the set effect on certain scenarios.)

4 Dominion Pieces
2 Nightmare Pieces
(An alternative of full Dominion with easier mana management for slightly lower damage)

Nightmare Set
(An alternative setup for pure comfyness from mana management but requires to balance out your Crit and Swiftness ratios to fix your lower Crit Rates.)

The name of your set will change with every higher tier gearset you acquire, but the set effect will remain the same. Look for the keyword of your set when recrafting it so you don't easily get lost.(e.g Entropy, Hallucination etc)

Sidereal Weapon

Recommended Sidereal Unity Effects for your Dreamy Fluttering Flower Petals are Thirain and Balthorr.

Check out theSidereal Weapon Guidefor more details.


Runes enhance Skills with extra bonuses. All Rune drops are account bound and have limited availability, so placement of Runes on the correct Skills is important. Below are the recommended pairings.
Check the Rune Guide for more details.

Piercing WindGalewind
Wind GimletGalewind
Tornado DanceOverwhelm
Quick Recharge
SpreadQuick Recharge
Downward StrikeQuick Recharge
Wiping Wind*Judgment
  • Galewind is ideal for speeding up your best damage dealing skills.
  • Overwhelm is used to further improve theStaggeryou apply.
  • Focus reduces the mana cost of skills.
  • Bleed is usually just a filler rune when you have nothing else better to be slot into the skills it can at least contribute 1-2% of your overall damage.
  • Quick Recharge procs helps increases your skill usage frequents.
  • Purify is useful for cleansing in raids that applies debuffs or damage over time effects.
  • The Conviction and Judgment combo, can be used to help with mana management and even reduces your skills cooldown when casted during Judgment.
(Video) [Lost Ark] Windfury Aeromancer - Kayangel Normal 1-4 Playthrough

Gear Skill Tree

While Gems add benefits to skills, you can also increase the effects of Skill Tree themselves. Skill Tree levels go up to 5 and each level can increase the damage, cooldown reduction or buff that they provide.

For more information on how to add equipment Skill Tree and how to get them, please visit our Skill Tree System Guide.

Piercing WindGiant Squall
Exquisite Movement
Wind GimletReversal
Large Strong Wind
Single Attack
Space Slash
Tornado DanceSwift Fingers
Superspeed Spin
SpreadMagick Cycle
Piercing Shroud
Downward StrikeThundercrack
Whirlpool*Magick Control
Wind Pillar
Steam Control
Wiping Wind*Quick Prep
Steam Control

(*) Skill Preferences.


Gems grant bonus damage and cooldown reduction to specific skills. You can only equip 11 of these Gems at a time so it is recommended that you prioritize the Gems for your most important skills.

Please visit our Gem System Guide for more information like how to create higher tier Gems.

Attack Gems

Piercing Wind
Wind Gimlet
Tornado Dance
Sun Shower

Wiping Wind*

Cooldown Gems

Piercing Wind
Wind Gimlet
Tornado Dance
Downward Strike*

Wiping Wind*

(*) Skill Preferences.

Card Sets

Cards are an endgame system for maximizing your character. Below are the recommend sets for this class.
Check out the Card Guide for more details on how to obtain them.

Budget Card Set 1

Budget Card Set 2

This card set does not replace Light of Salvation set or Kazero's Legion Commanders set, but it can be use if you're new to the game and has set to get your Light of Salvation/Kazero's Legion Commanders set +18 or +30 yet.

Optimal Damage vs Kayangel Gate2-4 and Sonavel

Optimal Damage Card Set


  • Windfury Aeromancer is a Swiftness stacking class that focuses on spamming your skills as frequently as possible, rotating between skills that has Current Occurrence to buff up skills that has Reversal.
  • Windfury changes your Sun Shower into a useful Attack speed and Movement speed buff for yourself and allies that are inside the area.
  • Be sure to always keep Weakness Exposure debuff up for permanent 10% Crit Rate to you and your party members hitting the debuffed target.
  • Spread is your Counter skill, so be aware if a counter mechanic phase is about to happen to hold onto the skill.


Written by Rei
Reviewed by Starlast

(Video) Lost ArkㅣPreview YOUR Aeromancer ! 《Wind Fury Aeromancer, Mechanism, Preference》


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