Lost Ark Infos, News, and Guides (2023)

Lost Ark Infos, News, and Guides (1)

Lost Ark is an action MMORPG developed by Smilegate and Tripod Studios. Lost Ark (LOA) was first released on December 9, 2019 in South Korea and later in Russia and Japan. In North America, Europe, and South America Lost Ark was released on February 11, 2022. These regions have a unique version of Lost Ark that is published by Amazon Games Studios (AGS).

Lost Ark is free to play in all regions. For NA, EU, and SA it is exclusively playable on Steam. Lost Ark reached the second highest concurrent player count any game had on Steam at its release.

Legion Raids

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Pinned Guides

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Lost Ark Steam Charts »

30 Day Peak43,773

Yesterday's Peak43,773

Lost Ark Server Status

42/42 servers online

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Table of Contents

  1. Lost Ark Classes
  2. Lost Ark Steam Charts
  3. Why Is Lost Ark So Popular?
  4. Is Lost Ark A Good Game?
  5. Who develops and publishes Lost Ark?

Lost Ark News & Patch Notes

Lost Ark has scheduled maintenance every Wednesday. Usually, the maintenance starts at 8 a.m. UTC and involves a patch. The patch notes are published the day before or shortly before the maintenance.

Additionally, there are regular content updates for Lost Ark. Amazon Games and Smilegate tries to bring one big content update each month. You can check our Lost Ark News overview to stay up-to-date. Big content updates are published at the usual maintenance time on Wednesday.

These are the latest news on Lost Ark:

Debate Club Episode 5

Official News | Published on June 29, 2023 16:14.

We’re back with your host Roxx and debaters Grenton, Bobajenny, Stoopzz, and DatModz with episode 5 of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.

2023 Summer Update Player Gift

Official News | Published on June 27, 2023 18:14.

To accompany the 2023 Summer Update and celebrate all the players of Lost Ark in our global community, our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are excited …

Region Merge Notice

Official News | Published on June 26, 2023 17:42.

Later this summer we plan to conduct a region merge to fold Europe West into Europe Central.

2023 Summer Update

Official News | Published on June 24, 2023 18:14.

On June 24 Smilegate RPG held their LOA ON event which contained key information for fans of Lost Ark and showcased some exciting upcoming content and plans. L…

Debate Club Episode 4

Official News | Published on June 22, 2023 16:21.

We’re back with your host Roxx and debaters Grenton, Bobajenny, Stoopzz, and DatModz for episode 4 of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.

To be able to plan ahead we created the Lost Ark Roadmap document. The roadmap lists all the planned future updates. You can find a history of past content updates in this roadmap as well.

Lost Ark Classes

Players often quote the combat system and the class design as their favorite things in Lost Ark. The classes are very unique and distinctive in their play style. The class system is an important factor that makes Lost Ark as popular as it is.

Lost Ark classes are actually called “Advanced Class” in-game. The term “Class” is used by Smilegate to refer to a group of Advanced Classes. On character creation, the player chooses a Class and then one of the Advanced Classes for the previously selected Class.

The table below shows all Advanced Classes, their relation to Lost Ark’s Class concept, and their release date for the western version of Lost Ark.

ClassAdvanced ClassOriginal Name *GenderRelease
WarriorBerserkerBerserkerMaleFebruary 11, 2022
PaladinHoly KnightMaleFebruary 11, 2022
GunlancerWarlordMaleFebruary 11, 2022
DestroyerDestroyerMaleMay 19, 2022
Martial ArtistStrikerStrikerMaleFebruary 11, 2022
WardancerBattle MasterFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
ScrapperInfighterFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
SoulfistSoul MasterFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
GlaivierLance MasterFemaleApril 21, 2022
GunnerGunslingerGunslingerFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
ArtilleristBlasterMaleFebruary 11, 2022
DeadeyeDevil HunterMaleFebruary 11, 2022
SharpshooterHawk EyeMaleFebruary 11, 2022
MachinistScouterMaleSeptember 28, 2022
MageBardBardFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
SorceressSorceressFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
ArcanistArcanaFemaleJuly 20, 2022
SummonerSummonerFemaleDecember 14, 2022
AssassinShadowhunterDemonicFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
DeathbladeBladeFemaleFebruary 11, 2022
ReaperReaperFemaleNovember 16, 2022

* Original Name is the class name Smilegate used in the South Korean version of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Steam Charts

Lost Ark is only playable on Steam. Zockify is using the official Steam API to collect data about the concurrent player count of Lost Ark on Steam. On the Lost Ark Steam Charts document, you can find current and historical data about the player count of Lost Ark.

Please take the player count for Lost Ark with a grain of salt for the reasons below.

  • Lost Ark has a bot problem. As a free 2 play game with a strong focus on resource management and the in-game economy, Lost Ark attracted bot developers and real money trading (RMT). Smilegate and AGS are working very actively to mitigate the bot problem. Certain drops in the player counts for Lost Ark are actually bot ban waves.
  • The charts show the concurrent player count. “Concurrent players” means players that are playing at the same time. Due to timezone differences between Europe and North America the “prime times” are distributed. So the total (unique) player count is way higher but not measurable by using the concurrent player count.

Why Is Lost Ark So Popular?

Lost Ark was a huge success and became really popular on Steam. The reasons for Lost Ark’s popularity are the unique approach of combining traditional MMORPG elements with action RPG elements and interesting boss fights.

  • Lost Ark has a huge world called Arkesia, with a lot of quests and stories to explore. This enables multiple horizontal progressions to improve your characters and experience the world of Lost Ark.
  • The loot and combat system have more similarities to ARPGs. LOA does a great job with its combat system and class design. Each class feels very unique and the combat system is very satisfying and enjoyable.
  • The Legion Raids are seen as the main endgame activity in Lost Ark (similar to raiding in traditional MMORPGs). Legion Raids are single-boss fights with unique and intense mechanics all players participating have to learn and master. The first Legion Raid was Valtan, followed by Vykas, and Kalkul-Saydon.

Is Lost Ark A Good Game?

Lost Ark has a lot of repetitive and grind-y elements. For fans of the game, the repetitive nature of Lost Ark is one of the reasons why they enjoy Lost Ark so much. At the same time, for others, this repetitiveness can be very off-putting.

So, is it a good game?

Lost Ark is a very good game if you like games with action-focused combat, lots of horizontal progression systems, and a focus on repetitive daily and weekly tasks.

Who develops and publishes Lost Ark?

Lost Ark was developed by Smilegate RPG. The development started already in 2011. The game was primarily developed for the South Korean audience since Smilegate is based in Seoul, South Korea. Lost Ark officially launched in 2019.

After a few troublesome years and iterations, Smilegate found the solution to make Lost Ark a highly successful game. Lost Ark was growing the player base year to year in South Korea.

In 2022 the game was released for the “western audience” with the regions below.

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America

There is a specific version for these regions with its own progression and content release schedule. In these regions, Amazon Games Studios (AGS) is the publisher of Lost Ark. Amazon Games is also providing the official Lost Ark website, playlostark.com, and providing everything related to community management.

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